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Water SolutionZ International Ensures HVAC Water Is Clean, Significantly Improving Performance and Lowering Cost

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 20, 2006

Water SolutionZ International, Inc. today announced the expanded distribution of its successful CT™ series of cleaning agents for HVAC systems. The patented CT™ series cleans and maintains HVAC systems, both open & closed loops, for water treatment systems in commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential environments.

Currently, the product is being used in more than 45 commercial buildings serving 200 loops. One recent example includes the use of the CT™ series for a 42-story building in Chicago. For that customer, the cleaned system enabled the use of only one chiller (not the two that the building historically uses) and reduced the amount of cooling capacity by 50% during the high-demand, high-cost summer months. The building’s CE was “very pleased with the results.” “The CE attributed this to the cleaned chilled water loop. Only needing to run one chiller saved the building owners a significant amount of electrical power and money,” says Jeffery Grade, Chief Engineer of Water SolutionZ.

The marketplace advantage of the CT™ series of cleaning agents is that it replaces current technology so that toxic or corrosive chemicals are not needed to clean open and closed loops. Building owners and chief engineers acknowledge key benefits such as:

    Removes scale and rust from wetted surfaces

    Prolongs equipment life

    Reduces energy consumption by up to 30%

    Simplifies maintenance & storage procedures

    Eliminates environmental concerns from handling and storing many toxic materials

    Proven safe due to NSF approval in areas where food is processed (CT-01)


HVAC systems treated with the CT™ series provide clean pipes that are significantly less apt to fouling, corrosion or scale buildup.

Water SolutionZ International, Inc (WSZ) is a U.S. based manufacturer and marketer of advanced water treatment equipment serving industrial, commercial and residential customers. With expertise and dedication in the water conditioning industry, they have offices throughout North America. For product or sales information regarding the CT™ series of cleaning agents, please call 1-847-656-0400 or visit


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