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Australia’s cooler climates have long enjoyed the warmth and benefits of gas ducted heating. Gas ducted heating draws in air through a centrally located return air grille to a gas ducted heater (such as: Brivis, Braemar, Lennox, Vulcan, Stadt, Omgea). The gas ducted heater warms the air up and distributes it through ducts located on the perimeter of the home in each room. There are many things to consider before purchasing a ducted heating system.

gas energy rating 150x150 Ducted HeatingGas Ducted Heating – Efficiency – All gas ducted heating systems have an energy or star rating approved by that AGA (Australian Gas Association). The new Brivis range of HX gas ducted heaters boast a terrific energy star rating of 5.8 making them the most efficient gas ducted heater available in Australia today.

The energy rating label shown to the left basically shows the number of stars to show the efficiency of an appliance – in this case a gas ducted heater. The more stars shown on the label the more energy efficient the heater. The more energy efficient the heater, the lower the running costs will be along with less greenhouse gas emissions. Generally a high star rating model will cost more to purchase initially however the savings on your gas bill can make up the difference in just a few years.

Gas Ducted Heating – Zoning – Most ducted heating systems today have the option of being zoned. This means that the living areas can be heated during the day whilst the sleeping areas are off. Then later in the evening you can open up the sleeping zone and have the whole home heated. Then perhaps during the night just the sleeping areas can remain heated should you wish. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by having a gas ducted heating system that is zoned.

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