Evaporative Cooling by Breezair

Is it just me or are our summers getting hotter? It’s easy to deal with while driving in your car with the air con on full but what about when you get to work? Unfortunately the boss isn’t going to give you a day off if it’s too hot unless he has gone crazy.

But have your (or your boss) ever considered putting an evaporative cooling system into the workshop or factory? Sure an airconditioner is the coolest way to go – but it really isn’t practical for a number of reasons. First and foremost is the cost – a ducted air conditioning system is going to cost tens of thousands of dollars to cool your workplace, not to mention the running costs will be huge.

Ducted airconditioning is also impractical for most work places as many have large roller doors that need to be open – it would be like driving in your car, air con on and the windows down – it’s no point! So forget about ducted air conditioning. Consider an evaporative cooling system otherwise known as water cooling and evap cooling. First benefit of an evaporative cooling system is the running costs – they use at least 75% less energy than a ducted air con system.

Evaporative cooling is also friendly on the environment as no harmful gases are used or released. So evaporative cooling is cheaper to run and more cost efficient to purchase – but that’s not all. Evaporative cooling systems have many more benefits over a ducted air conditioning system. Evaporative cooling actually lowers the temperature by introducing fresh, cool air at a rate of some 2000 litres per second on average.

This means that the roller doors and windows must be left open for it to work properly! Evaporative cooling systems are generally installed within a day without any alterations to the buildings structure. Unlike a water cooling tower, evaporative cooling systems do not require any chemicals as the water is constantly evaporated and replaced with fresh clean water automatically.

There are so many benefits to having an evaporative cooling system installed in your workplace. Surely the boss would appreciate less ‘sick days’ (read ‘beach days’) and increased productivity because everyone is working in a comfortable environment.