DIY Ducted Heating

DIY Ducted Heating – Otherwise known as Do it yourself ducted heating systems have been increasing in popularity over the past ten years. To support the ever increasing DIY market a many HVAC companies now have a  range of  DIY ducted heating systems. It is worth keeping in mind that all ducted heating systems should be installed by a qualified and licensed duct fitter along with a licensed plumber for the gas connection.

Why gas ducted heating?
Ducted heating is without a doubt the most efficient way to heat your entire house. If you’re using a space heater or a reverse cycle air conditioner, the cost to heat only one room is approximately $98 per quarter. But with gas ducted heating, you can heat your entire home for less than $200 a quarter (if you use zoning and a high efficiency heater). With ducted heating you never have to walk out of a warm room into a cold one. You can be watching TV while the kids are in bed, and everyone stays warm.

DIY ducted heating kits
You can buy a ducted heating kit online today – just google away. There is a full range of systems from four points up to twelve points, and more are being added weekly. Ducted heating systems designed to go under the floor, or in the ceiling. If one of the online DIY ducted heating kits doesn’t suit your particular home you can send through your house plans for their team with over fifty years of combined experience in duct sizing and design to create a ducted heating system to suit your home. DIY kits are also available for evaporative cooling and ducted air-conditioning. If you are looking to save on your new ducted heating system then consider a DIY ducted heating system.