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Ducted Heating Maintenance

Once you have installed your Ducted Heating system you must ensure it is maintained to keep running costs low and to stop your ducted heating system from failing you when you need it most. Imagine it’s the middle of winter and your ducted heating system breaks down! You call for a repair but everyone is booked out for weeks. Could you last for a few days, let alone weeks, without your ducted heating system fully operational?

The first step in maintaining your ducted heating system is to check the ducted heater itself. It is recommended that you check the heater before winter begins and once finished. Most ducted heaters will appreciate being shut down during summer.

To check your ducted heating system, firstly inspect the heater itself. Remove any cobwebs and debris from the unit – especially any leaves caught near the flue. Next you need to check the return air filter and ensure its clean and in good condition.

There is generally no need to check the duct work with a ducted heating system unless some outlets are not delivering the air as they once did. The ducted heating unit draws air in from the return air – so that is the first place to start. If the return air grille is drawing in air it should be getting to the heater and the delivered through the outlets or vents. If just one outlet is not working it has possible fallen off the system and you’ll need to repair it – most capable DIY people can handle that job.

The best way to clean your return air filter is just with a vacuum on a low suction setting. You can also wash the filter out with water but make sure it is fully dry before reinstalling it. If there is a lot of build-up of dust on the filter vacuum it first before washing.

Never cover your ducted heater completely. This will allow moisture to build up inside and parts will begin to rust prematurely. Should the ducted heater break down your first call should be to the manufacturer of the ducted heating unit – Brivis, Braemar, Vulcan, Lennox, Stadt and Omgea and the largest ducted heating manufacturers today.

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