Brivis Ducted Heating

Brivis have been helping Australian’s choose a ducted heating system for over fifty years. Brivis have a strong reputation for innovation, quality, efficiency and reliability. Brivis is the top selling ducted gas heating system in Australia. Brivis ensure high standards and all products are designed and made right here in Australia. They employ hundreds of Australian’s and every single brivis ducted heating system is designed to endure Australia’s harsh winters. All brivis ducted heaters adhere to the International Quality Systems standards ISO 9001.

The Brivis Sizing Guide – Brivis have a large range of different gas ducted heating systems available. The range is ever changing as they are constantly researching and developing new products, thus they are the leader in gas ducted heating. Brivis have pioneered the industry with their Brivis Sizing Guide. All authorized brivis dealers have a brivis sizing guide which helps determine the right ducted heater for your home no matter where you live in Australia. The dealer will enter your home details along with your location into the computer based sizing guide and the software does the rest! It selects a gas ducted heater that will provide you with the best performance, efficiency and economy for your application.

Brivis Ducted Heating Installation - The performance of any central heating system relies a great deal on the installation of it. Brivis have a national network of authorized dealers to install your ducted heating system and it will normally only take one day. All brivis authorized dealers are invited to participate in a training program held all across Australia’s capital cities. This training program is updated annually and trains ducted heating designers, installers and sales persons alike.

Brivis Ducted Heating – How Does it Work? – The brivis ducted as heater unit draws air from inside your home through a centrally located return air grille. This grille should be fitted with a filter and cleaned every few weeks. If a return air filter is installed this will greatly reduce any dust from being blown and circulated around the home. Once the air reaches the gas ducted heater it is warmed and then delivered to every room of your house via ducts/vents/outlets. Once the temperature inside your home reaches the temperature you desire the burners on the gas ducted heater will turn off. The fan will slow down so that any left over heat in the system is still delivered and not wasted.